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8:30 Continental Breakfast
9:15 - 10:25
10:25 Refreshments
12:00 Lunch
2:40 Refreshments

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What is Tandora?

Tandora is a talk scheduling website created for the annual Tanner Conference at Wellesley College as part of the Tanner Technology Initiative. The goal of the website is to assist members of the Wellesley community in creating personalized schedules and to easily search through the individual presentations at the Tanner Conference.

The Tandora was built from scratch by Team Tandora ’10 and expanded upon by Team Tandora ’11 as part of the Tanner Technology Initiative. The application utilizes PHP, AJAX, MySQL, HTML, and CSS.

Team Tandora ’10

Caroline Sun ’11
Scott Anderson, Computer Science
Jie Han ’12
Eni Mustafaraj, Computer Science
Orit Shaer, Computer Science & Media Arts and Sciences
Franklyn Turbak, Computer Science

Team Tandora ’11

Olivia Kotsopoulos ’14
Nora McKinnell ’14
Scott Anderson, Computer Science
Franklyn Turbak, Computer Science

What is the Tanner Conference?

The Tanner Conference is an annual conference held in the fall semester organized by the Tanner Committee with the help of the Center for Work and Service.

Established through the generosity of trustee emerita Estelle "Nicki" Newman Tanner ’57, the Tanner Conference explores the relationship between the liberal arts classroom and student participation in an increasingly diverse and interdependent world. The conference is premised on the belief that a greater understanding of the learning that takes place off-campus-combined with critical inquiry into the purpose, value, and effect of such learning-has the potential to move liberal education in new directions.

...The Tanner Conference represents the work of over 300 Wellesley students, alumnae, faculty, and staff. In its tenth anniversary, the conference includes special technology projects showcasing Wellesley’s presence throughout the world.

Tanner Conference, Program Guide 2010

What is the Tanner Technology Initiative?

The goal of the Tanner Technology Initiative is to improve participant and attendee experiences at the annual Tanner Conference by developing novel applications that not only highlight the achievements of Wellesley women in the world but also celebrate the conference’s ten year anniversary. With diverse backgrounds in computer science, media arts and sciences, and electrical and computer engineering, five Tanner Technology interns worked closely with the Center for Work and Service and with faculty members from both Wellesley College and Olin College of Engineering to create a personalized online scheduler and build two touch-sensitive computational surfaces and the interactive applications that run on them.

Tanner Technology Interns 2010

Alex Olivier ’11
Jacob Getto ’12 (Olin)
Caroline Sun ’11
Heidi Wang ’12
Colette Whitaker ’10

Tanner Technology Helpers, Fall 2010

Consuelo Valdes ’11
Jie Han ’12

Tanner Technology Interns 2011

Olivia Kotsopoulos ’14
Nora McKinnell ’14


Scott Anderson, Computer Science
Mark Chang, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Panagiotis (Takis) Metaxas, Computer Science
Eni Mustafaraj, Computer Science
Orit Shaer, Computer Science
Franklyn Turbak, Computer Science

Who should I contact with questions/comments/concerns?

Please email tandora@cs.wellesley.edu with your feedback.

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