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Please visit this website in the late summer to see siming's new (very long-overdue) WAAM website redesign!

Check out the WAAM Think Tank's current projects and view the new mindstorms hatching. Join WAAM to participate in our WAAM e-groups discussions and attend our monthly events. Search for project partners to collaborate on that dream project of yours. WAAM is where pioneering, brainchild operations are at work. Welcome!


What's New in 2008:
”WAAM Bitbucket” is now on Facebook.com — Reconnect with
Wellesley and MIT alumni and meet fellow WAAMers through your individual facebook pages. Post portfolio samples and project photos on your profiles, and share and exchange professional experiences. RSVP to the following WAAM events directly through our facebook community site.

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RSVP to WAAM BItbucket's facebook event page or
email WAAM Founder Siming to attend this UPCOMING WAAM Talk:
THIS Sunday, April 27 (6:30 - 9pm)

Attend WAAM’s dinner discussion on
“Social Media Networking: Building Community, Driving Organic Marketing and PR Initiatives” led by media studies expert Deb Block-Schwenk and Bryan Person, social media evangelist and blogger at Bryper.com. Deb and Bryan examine the emerging trends in how social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook and online tools such as blogs, podcasts, and wikis can be used to build community and drive grassroots marketing and pr initiatives for your organization and business.

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A WAAM Talk Hosted Earlier this Year:
Sunday, March 9 (6:30 - 9 pm)

Join WAAM for a dinner discussion on “Pay Per Click Search Engine Marketing. Optimizing Google Advertising to Drive Results for Your Business.” led by Dave Reske, CEO of Nowspeed Marketing. Hear real case studies on search engine marketing techniques used at leading hi-tech firms.

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