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WAAM (Wellesley Alumnae & Affiliates in Multimedia) is a creative "think tank", a playground for the imagination, and a knowledge center for Wellesley and MIT alumni. WAAM seeks to inspire and foster alumni project collaboration and independent experimentation in multimedia and other creative disciplines. Above all else, WAAM is a philosophy on life -- a passion for pioneering new forms of expression, a choice to create.

Officially founded by Wellesley College alumna Janet Si-Ming Lee '98 during the summer of 2000, WAAM initially started as a subclub of WCAB (Wellesley College Alumnae of Boston). However, today WAAM welcomes all Wellesley and MIT alumni and affiliates worldwide. WAAM members join for numerous reasons: to collaborate with other enterprising individuals on multimedia-related projects, to discuss and share poetry, to exchange ideas and elicit feedback from peers, to network for contract work, to reinforce their own determination to experiment creatively. You may be a writer, project manager, digital artist, performance artist, music connoisseur, technology buff, philosopher, pencil-doodler, entrepreneur, project visionary... you have a drive to create, to make an impact... you may be a WAAMer.

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Questions? Contact WAAM Founder Janet Si-Ming Lee at jlee6_98@alum.wellesley.edu
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