Bake and Barter

CS 220: Human Computer Interactions Project

By: Emily Faith Anderson, Beatrice Egan, and Claire Schlenker

P4: Computer Prototype


For this prototype, we focused on the colors and layouts of our design. This current version uses two shades of lighter red and a shade of light blue. The darker of the two reds is used for our header and bottom navigation bar, and the lighter of the two reds, which is closer to pink, was used for our main content and buttons. We used the light blue for our background. These colors were chosen because light colors are often associated with baking, and pink is strongly associated with cupcakes in particular. Additionally, the darker of the two reds and the blue were chosen to be complementary, even though they have different saturations.

When completing this prototype, some elements were changed from the paper prototype design. Some of these changes were prompted by coding constraints. Additionally, this current prototype is not fully functional. The link to our current prototype is

Screen Captures

Home Page

I want...

I want... (Search for eggs)

I want... (With filter)

I have...

I have... (Selet expiration date)

My Profile

My Profile (Continued)

Recipe Box