Blocks and Beyond 2019: Beyond Blocks
A VL/HCC 2019 workshop in Memphis, TN, USA, Oct. 18, 2019

Electronic Copyright Submission
for the 2019 Blocks and Beyond Workshop

This form should now work for 2019 copyrights

The workshop proceedings is slated to appear in the IEEE Xplore digital library. In order for your paper to appear in this proceedings, you must submit a copyright form to the IEEE. The final form will be similar to this sample IEEE copyright form. (We don't know why the final close parenthesis is missing in (B&B); it appears to be a bug in the IEEE copyright server.)

Before you start this process, you should carefully study the sample form and discuss it with any co-authors. The form mentions other IEEE documents you may also want to review:

In order to start the process for submitting your IEEE electronic copyright, please fill out the following form and press the Go to the IEEE Copyright Server button.