RSA Secret Form

This form is used by Alice to

1. Generate a Key Pair

This form generates the key pair. Email the packed public key to anyone who wants to send you a secure message, or post it publicly so that anyone can send you a secure message.

No of RSA key bits:
RSA operates with huge integers. They are displayed here as arrays of 28 Bit integers as used by the implementation.
Key generation in Javascript takes time(depending on your processors speed it could be minutes), please be patient.
prime factor p:
prime factor q:
Public exponent (e):
Public Modulus (p*q):
Private exponent (d):
Private inverse (u):
Packed public key*
This took seconds

2. Decrypt a Received Message

The following is to receive an encrypted message from someone (such as Bob) who has your public key and encrypted the message with it. Put the ciphertext into the second box and click the decrypt button.

Ciphertext in hex:
  This took seconds

3. Sign a Message Digest

The following form is to sign a message digest, so that you can send someone (Bob) a digitally signed message. Copy the message digest into the top box and click the sign button. This uses your secret key to encrypt the digest. Then send the encrypted digest along with your message to Bob.

message digest (MD) in hex:
signed MD in hex:
encrypted signed MD in hex:
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  this took seconds

*OpenPGP Multi Precision Integer
(MPI) of Public Key (base64)

© 2011 Scott D. Anderson, adapted from 2005 Herbert Hanewinkel, adapted from John Hanna's RSA implementation