Navigational Structures

Let's look now at some of the standard navigational structures of web pages. As the name suggests, a site's navigational structure describes the paths of navigation through the site. When thinking about these structures, keep in mind that while some sites consist of only a single page, most "real" websites consist of many pages. In most websites with more than just a few pages, you will see a combination of several of these structures.

Linear and Circular

linear and circular navigation

Hub and Spoke

hub and spoke navigation


clique navigation

Rooted Tree

tree navigation

Network or Graph

network navigation, left halfnetwork navigation, right

Project Considerations

Your project should consist of 8-10 pages. You should make sure to discuss with your partner how your web pages are linked to make navigation easy and logical for visitors. In the project design phase you are required to describe the interconnection of all the pages on your site and provide a brief discussion about the site's navigation structure using the terminology learned today.