Gather Email Defaults

Submitting the form below results in a file being offered to you for download. If you copy that to web server that runs PHP and enables email, the script can be used to email form data to a recipient of your choosing.


(It's okay to leave this as is.)

(It's okay to leave this as is.)

The script you will get will process forms with the following inputs, most of which will be familiar to you from email clients like Gmail:

The first two are less familiar to you because you're not used to specifying them. Usually, your email client knows who you are and fills them in. For example, when the president writes an email, the following fields are specified:

from_nameBarak Obama
subjectthe state of the union
bodyThe USA is perfect, and here's my five-point, three billion dollar plan to make it a more perfect union...

Thus, you can use the downloaded script by specifying those four values in a FORM that uses the downloaded script as the value of the ACTION attribute.