CS112 Questionnaire

Spring 2018

Introduce Yourself

Please tell us a little about yourself.

What's your name?

Is there a nickname that you like to be called?

What's your (likely) major(s)?

CS112 has no math prerequisite beyond high school math and no programming prerequisite.
It just helps us to know a bit about your math and programming background so we can tailor CS112 appropriately.

Have you taken math here at Wellesley? Yes No

  If so, which course(s) have you taken?

Do you have any prior computer programming experience? Yes No

Have you used MATLAB? Yes No

  If so, what did you use MATLAB for?

Are there any particular topics you'd like to explore this semester?
What else would you like to tell us? (what you're looking forward to,
or dreading, about the class, or anything else)