Wellesley College: Women Committed to Making a Difference

Isheau Wong
Desiree Rogers
Madeleine Albright

Isheau Wong

Isheau Wong on her horse

Isheau Wong ’11, French Major at Wellesley, was the first competitor ever to represent Taiwan in international show jumping at the Olympics. She also had the unexpected honor of carrying the Chinese Taipei flag in the opening ceremony on August 5, as she explained in an interview with NoelleFloyd.com. “The tunnel going to the stadium was the most memorable, where you can see the oncoming sea of people,” she said, noting that the flag wasn’t easy to maneuver. “It took some concentration just to walk straight with it and not hit the little girl next to me.”

“I’m so excited she made it to the Olympics! Really, really amazing!” said Cleo Stoughton ’11, who, like Wong, was a member of Wellesley’s equestrian club.

A difficult qualifying round challenged many experienced horses and riders, including Wong and her horse, who unfortunately did not advance further. Yet as she has written on Instagram and Facebook, competing in the Olympics “was an amazing experience and [I] hope to have your support to reach my goal of going to Tokyo!”