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Homework 1 - Evaluating Multimedia Projects

For this assignment you will be evaluating a multimedia appllication online:

What to submit:

You should create and upload in your puma directory a 400 - 500 word long HTML document of your review, and name it hw1.html. You may be asked to critique the application you reviewed during the next class. You are strongly encouraged to work in groups - it will be more fun and you get to see both projects.

While you are reviewing, think about their artistic design and functionality characteristics. Thinking "loudly" while the other reviewers are around is recommended. Below are some particular criteria to help you evaluate the applications. Make sure you comment on every question. Include 3-4 snapshots to support your points.

Criteria for Evaluating Multimedia Projects

Title, Author, Producer and Year:


  • In a paragraph describe what was the application about.
  • What do you believe was the objective of this Project?


  • Was it easy to find your way around? How intuitive was the interface? How easy was it to find something you were searching for?
  • What audience do you think this was meant for?


  • Did the screen design attract your attention? Do you think it was well designed? Did you like looking at the screen? Did the visuals add to the quality of the presentation? Did the visuals aid in the functionality?
  • Did the visuals compete with other material or with reading the info?


  • Would you have preferred some other medium for this application (a catalog, a book, an app, a CD-ROM)? How would you have approached the design of this information differently if you were creating a book vs. a CD-ROM or website? Evaluate the overall experience of using this application (i.e. enjoyable, frustrating, etc.). What did you like/dislike? How would you change it to improve it?
  • Do you believe that this Project met its objectives?

How to hand in your work: Put all the relevant files inside a the appropriate directory for ps01 in your home directory on puma by the due date. No need to hand in class a printout hardcopy. Include the number of words that your document contains.

GRADING: In addition to how well you executed the assignment, you will be graded on how well you followed the specifications of the assignment, and whether you completed its Assessment questionnaire.




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