Lingo Tutorial: Quicktime control

Download File "MovieControl.dir"

Open this file in Director. It shows how Director can take control over quicktime movies. There are two quicktime movies BOUNBALL.MOV and ROTBALL.MOV used in this example. Since the word "movie" can refer to both Director movies and Quicktime movies, we will call the latter Quicktime videos.

Director allows you to include, play and control any quicktime video in its files. Unlike audio sound, when you include quicktime video you only have the option to link to it, not incorporate it inside the cast. This is due to the fact that quicktime videos are big in size and they would deteriorate director's playback abilities if incorporated.

Any quicktime video can be controlled by two parameters that can be read and set:

  • movieTime (the starting frame number of the movie) and
  • movieRate (the speed and direction that the movie will play)
    • 0 to stop,
    • 1 to play with normal speed,
    • 2 to play twich as fast,
    • negative numbers to play backwards.

So, when you have a video placed on channel 1, you can implement the PLAY button as
sprite(1).movieRate = 1

How would you implement the rewind button?
The fast forward button?

Other properties that you may find useful include currentTime, duration, volume, rotation, scale. Check the online documentation about them.

As we just mentioned, when you import a video, you actually import only a link to it, not the actual video. When you play the .dir file, director will expect to locate your qt video in the same location from which you imported it. So it is important not to move the qt video in new directories if you do not have to. If you do have to, you will need to re-open the director file and locate the QT video again so that its new location is recorded.

By the way, notice that a QT video could contain not only video but also QT sound. That way you can have fine control on your audio, if you need more synchronization than the markers you inserted in an audio file would allow you.



Maintained By: Takis Metaxas
Last Modified: November 2, 2012