Lingo Tutorial: Marquise

File "marquise.dir"

A simple way to create a marquise that displays a different message every time the mouse rolls over a sprite

 -- rolling over the dot will change the contents of the  field 
on mouseWithin me
   member("storefront").text = "Red"

The problem with this is that you may need to have to put the code with the special name in EVERY sprite that affects the marquise. Wouldn't it be better if we could accomplish this with just one script?

Let's say that the cast members are named correctly (e.g. "Red")
When you are on top of the sprite that represents the red dot cast member, you can access the name of that sprite by the expression member(the mouseCast).name

So your script could be common for all the dots:

on mouseWithin me
   member("storefront").text = member(the mouseCast).name
File "marquise2.dir"

You can take this one step further by defining a function called marquise:

on marquise
    member("storefront").text = mouseMember().name

Note that we used a synonym of the command above. Any time you want to use the marquise, you can just call it:

on mouseWithin me

Where do you put the definition of marquise? It has to be in a place visible from all the sprites. Remember the hierarchy? It needs to be in a higher level in the hierarchy. The easiest way would be to put it in a separate MOVIE script.



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Last Modified: October 26, 2009