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Tu 2

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Background: Digital Representation


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MMF 1. Understanding Multimedia
Kim: Interdisciplinary Cooperation

Wong: Chapter on Background

  W 3 Interactivity: Introduction to Director  

Dean: The Director Interface
D11#2: Workspace (pp. 7-21)
D11#3: Score, Stage, Cast (32-51)

  F 5 Production: Basic animation skills   D11#4: Sprites (61-63)
D11#5: Animation (89-101)
D11#6: Bitmaps (103-131)
D11#7: Vector Shapes (150-158)
  Tu 9

Media: Animation - Theory, Physics, Psychology & Technology

HW1 - Evaluating MM Projects and HW1 Reflection

Lasseter: Animation Principles
Lasseter: Animation Tricks

SV: Animation

  W 10 Production: Animation skills   Material inside directory Lectures
  F 12

Production: HCI Design Guidelines

Critique: Design decisions of Bellini's Feast


MMF 5. Multimedia Page Design

  Tu 16

Media: Image Representation

HW2 - Basic Animation and HW2 Reflection

MMF 8. Graphics
Digital Color Tutorial

  W 17

Media: Color Theory and Color Schemes

  MMF 8. Graphics
Material in Lectures
  F 19

User Interface: Theory, Navigation Techniques & Aids


MMF 3. Planning and Design

SV: Authoring

  Tu 23

Interactivity: Lingo Navigation

HW3 - Story Animation and HW3 Reflection

Material in Lectures

  W 24      
  F 26

Interactivity: Lingo Basics


Material in Lectures

  Tu 30

Production: Screen Design and Metaphores 

HW4 - Navigation and HW4 Reflection
Form HW5 teams

MMF 4. Visual Communication
Ericson: Working with Interface Metaphores.
Redesign the Fire Door Sign

OCT W 1      
  F 3 No class    
  Tu 7

Presenting and Critiquing (PLTC)
: Events & Handlers, Message Hierarchy

HW5 - Screen Design and HW5 Reflection

Material in Lectures

  W 8 Interactivity: Events etc. (cont.)  

Material in Lectures

  F 10 Critiques of Screen Design Attendance is required

Woolsey: Critiquing

  Tu 14 No class - Fall Break    
  W 15 No class - Jury Duty  
  F 17 Media: Sound - Physics, Psychology & Technology - Sync Sound
  MMF 11. Audio Production
Sound clips
Amadeus Pro
  Tu 21

Lingo I:
(Local & Global), Control Structures (repeat stmt), Mouse coordinates,
User-defined handlers (functions)

HW6A - Events and HW6 Reflection HW6B-Add Sound to your HW3 Animation

Material in Lectures
Rosenweig: Lingo Commands

  W 22

Lingo II: Lists

  F 24 Guest Lecturer: Nick Knouf, CAMS Meet Nick at the Davis' Lobby Talk on his Davis installations, Sylloge of Codes and Art for Spooks.
  Tu 28 No class - Tanner    
  W 29 Media: Text - Writing and Typography: Psychology & Technology
Using type in Lingo: Start from this to produce this final.
HW7 (Sound) and HW7 Reflection

Barrett-Forrest: The History of Typography (video)
MMF 9. Text
Kim: Letterforms

  F 31

Production: Introduction to Game and Puzzle Design.

UI Design: Interface for Online Puzzles.


Kim: What is a Puzzle?
Kim: Web Games

NOV Tu 4 Games: Jigsaw Puzzle   Kim: Puzzle Workout
  W 5

Game Tools:
Cursor Chase,
Timer Display.

  Material in Lectures
  F 7 Games: Pacman ,
Controlling with keys
  Tu 11

Lingo III: List Exercise

HW8 (Puzzle) and HW8 Reflection  
  W 12 Games: Memory    
  F 14 Production: Specs & Storyboard   MMF 3. Planning and Design
Wagner: Prototyping
  Tu 18

Theory: From Hypertext to the Web

Games: String manipulation

HW9 - Too High / Too Low and HW9 Reflection

Notes: History of Hypertext & Multimedia

  W 19

Guest Lecture by Ruth Rogers and Katherine Ruffin, Visit to Special Collections and the Book Arts Lab, Clapp 4th floor

Game Choice due



  F 21

Presentation: Storyboards

Storyboards due: Attendance is required

  Tu 25

Presentation: Screen Design

First Screen due: Attendance is required

  W 26 Thanksgiving    
  F 28 Thanksgiving    
Dec Tu 2

Presentation: Screens and Functionality

Remaining screens and some functionality due: Attendance is required  
  W 3 Social Issues: Copyright and Critical Thinking   SV 12. Ethical issues
  F 5

Production: Testing


HW10: Small Project due and HW10 Reflection




  Sat 6   Email test reviews due  
  Tu 9 No class Tested Project due by 11:59PM  
  W 10 Presentations and Party!


Closed Technology
Self-scheduled Exam
  Readings from the List above, See email for details
  TBD Media: Video - Theory, Physics, Psychology & Technology   PBS: The Science, Art and Impact of Digital Cinema
MMF 12. Sound and Video Recording
   TBD Games:
Sprite Pool,
Multiple-choice Tests

Games: Painting

    Games: Fields and xtras
Saving state




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