CS230 Problem Set 2 Header Page

Due: 11:59pm on Friday, September 24

Please make this the first page of your hardcopy submission.

Note: You only need to turn in one hardcopy (and softcopy) submission per team.


Names of Team Members:



Location of Softcopy Submission (i.e., whose drop folder is it in?)



In the Time column, please estimate the time you spent (in terms of total person hours) on the parts of this problem set. Please try to be as accurate as possible; this information will help us to design future problem sets. Lyn will fill out the Score column when grading your problem set.




General Reading


Problem 1:
Object Diagrams

Problem 2:
Blackjack Backtrack

Problem 3:
Data Abstraction -- Cards

Problem 4:
Data Abstraction -- Hands