CS230 Data Structures, Wellesley College, Spring 2007

Lab 1

Problem 1: Hello World!

Create a directory named lab1 under your cs230/labs directory, on your puma account, and cd into it.

Open up emacs to create a file Hello.java. Add a main() method to it, that contains just a printing statement.

Compile and run Hello.java.

Modify the existing program, to include a couple of additional println statements in the main method. (Print whatever you like.)

Compile and run the modified program.

When you are done, as an excersise for future assignment submissions, submit your modified Hello.java program electronically by executing the following command, while still on your lab1 directory :

submit cs230 lab1 *.*

The above command, will create a directory named lab1, under your name, in the cs230 drop directory, and will copy all the files in your current directory into it. Your instructors can access those files for grading purposes.