Computer Science 231
Fundamental Algorithms
Fall 2016

Welcome to CS231
Computer Science 231 is an introduction to the design and analysis of fundamental algorithms. General techniques covered: Divide-and-conquer algorithms, dynamic programming, greediness, probabilistic algorithms. Topics include: sorting, searching, graph algorithms, file compression, and NP-completeness. Course requirements will be discussed on the first day.
Prerequisite: 230
Distribution: Mathematical Modeling
Semester: Fall, Unit: 1.0

The text this semester is the third edition of Introduction to Algorithms, written by Thomas Cormen, Charles Leiserson, Ronald Rivest, and Clifford Stein published by MIT Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts. Several copies of the text, here after known as CLRS, are on reserve in the library.

Course Materials
CS231 course materials for each class will be handed out at the beginning of each lecture. Copies are available in .pdf format using the links on this page and require the Adobe Acrobat Reader program for on-screen viewing and printing.

Course Conference
The course conference will contain announcements and changes to the schedule. Please check this conference before each class and especially before an assign is due. In addition, the conference will contain a section for CS231 students ask and answer questions among themselves concerning course material and assignments. You may discuss the homework in general terms, suggest where to go in the text or lecture notes to help someone get started, or you may help clarify an ambiguous question. However, please do not post your solutions either complete or partial. I will check the conference regularly to help with any unanswered questions.

Course Tutors
There are three CS231 tutors this semester: Sara May, Sappha O'Meara, and Sunnia Ye. Drop in hours will be set during the first week of class and will be announced on the course conference. Once set, please stop by and say hello.

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Computer Science 231, Fall 2016
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