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Sep. 10, 2001 The lecture room has been moved from SCI E211 to SCI E111. Aug. 22, 2001 Lyn will be out of the country at a conference during the first week of classes. The first CS231 lecture will be held on Tuesday, September 11. During the first week of classes, you are encouraged to do the reading listed for the first three lectures in the preliminary syllabus (see below), as well as to look at the first problem set (also below). See you on September 11th!

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CS231 course materials this semester are in .pdf format, which requires the Adobe Acrobat Reader program for on-screen viewing and printing. This program is installed on most public computers at Wellesley College. If your computer does not have a working copy of Acrobat Reader, it is available for free from Adobe on all major computer platforms. Click on the button to the left to download Acrobat Reader. Note that there are plug-ins that allow you to read .pdf files directly from your browser; again, these are installed on most public computers and are freely available from Adobe.

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