Franklyn Turbak (call me "Lyn")
Office: SCI E126 (x3049)
Office Hours: Wed 4–6pm, Thu 11–2:30pm, Fri 11–2:30pm (Note: I will sometimes need to reschedule office hours to attend talks/meetings.)

Lectures: Tue/Wed/Fri 9:50--11am in SCI 257

Prereqs: CS230 and (Math 225 or permission of instructor)

FirstClass: CS235-01-F10

Drop-in Tutor: Chelsea Hoover, Thu 9–10:30pm in micro-focus Linux cluster.

Michael Sipser's
Introduction to the
Theory of Computation

Dexter Kozen's
Automata and Computability
Alley Stoughton's
Formal Language Theory:
Integrating Experimentation and Proof

Fall 2007 draft
Fall 2009 draft (in progress)