On the CS Linux machines and the wx appliance, we have provided basic Scala tools. (If on the wx appliance, make sure your configuration is up to date: run wx update while logged in as the wx user.)

  • Run fsc Thingy.scala (the fast scala compiler) to compile Thingy.scala. (Note, unlike with Java, Scala has no rules about what classes must go in what files.) If having trouble with fsc running forever, try scalac instead.
  • Run scala Thingy to run a program compiled from a main class/object named Thingy.
  • Run scala alone as a REPL.

Additionally, Emacs is set up with Scala Mode for editing. I recommend using fsc and Emacs Scala Mode for lightweight editing/compiling. Use the REPL to experiment.

Scala is fairly easy to install and there is a wealth of other tools if you are interested.

Reference material on the Scala language is linked on the reference page.