CS251, Wellesley College, Spring 2000


If you want to take CS251 this semester, then regardless of whether you are registered, on the wait list, or unregistered, please fill out this questionnaire by noon on Monday, January 31. The information you provide will allow us to get to know you better and to create various accounts for you.

Please fill out all of the following pieces of information. When you are done, press the Submit button on the bottom of the page.

Personal Information

First Name:

Last Name:

Name by which you like to be addressed:

Year (e.g. '00, '01, etc.):

College Phone Number:

Email Address:

Major(s) or field(s) of interest:

Account Information

You will need two separate accounts this semester:

  1. An account on the Nike file server (nike.wellesley.edu, now also known as cs.wellesley.edu), which will serve as the repository for course materials and the home of your personal directory.
  2. An account on the Linux machines in the Mini-focus.

Each account requires a username and a password. For your username, we shall use your (external) Wellesley email name, truncated to 8 characters. For your password, you should choose a sequence of letters, numbers, and symbols that has at least 6 characters and is not easily guessible. See here for more on usernames and passwords.

You may already have a Nike account. If so, double check to see if you remember your password (e.g., by accessing your account via Fetch or Winsock FTP). If you do not already have a Nike account or have forgotten your password, please fill in the following; otherwise, leave it blank:

Password for your Nike account:

Everyone needs to give us a password for her Linux account. This password should be different from the one for your Nike account:

Password for your Linux account:

Short Answer


Why do you want to take CS251? (Be honest. Don't say something just because you think it's what we want to hear. )


Background: We'd like to get a sense for what computer experience you have. Briefly list any computer experience (courses, jobs, projects) you have that is relevant to the course. Especially list any programming languages that you have used.


Expectations: Is there anything in particular you would like to learn while taking CS251 this semester?

When you have filled in all of the above fields,
please press the following button:

Thanks for filling out this questionnaire!