Old Announcements

April 8, 2001:

A preliminary version of Handout #30 (Problem Set 6) is now available. This version has the first three of four problems; the fourth problem will be posted as soon as it is finished. PS6 is due Wed. April 18.

April 3, 2001:

Handout #26 (Naming Issues) is now available. You should read this for Problem Set 5.

February 17, 2001:

Problem Set 4 (Handout #17) is now available.

February 17, 2001:

Problem Set 3 (Handout #16) is now available.

February 2, 2001:

The CVS Handout (#10) is now ready. You need to read this handout in order to configure your home directory to do part 3 of PS1.

January 29, 2001: