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The New Release is Here!

SML/NJ version 110 has completed testing, and we now declare it the current release version of Standard ML of New Jersey, superseding at long last version 0.93. The release version number is actually 110.0.3. We hope that all users of version 0.93 and more recent "working" versions of the compiler will now upgrade to 110. An SML '97 Conversion Guide is in preparation to help convert old code to SML '97, and a Top Level Environment Comparison is also available. We have converted hundreds of thousands of lines of old SML code ourselves, and have found the process goes fairly smoothly. We are eager to help you convert your code by answering questions, giving advice, and improving the documentation. Contact us at sml-nj@research.bell-labs.com.

Our plan now is to try to produce new release versions on a fairly regular schedule, roughly twice a year. Look for version 111 this summer. With SML '97 and the new Basis defined and implemented, we expect SML/NJ to be much more stable, and it should be easy to migrate to future releases.

SML/NJ User Guide

Documentation for the Standard ML of New Jersey programming environment is now available and will be continually improved an expanded, so check back periodically for updated documentation. The directory tree of the SML/NJ web page documentation is available for downloading as a compressed tar file, and the Basis documentation pages are available as a gzipped tar file.

Self-installing .EXE for Windows 95 or NT

We now have a self-installing version of SML/NJ for Windows.

The SML Basis Library documentation

The SML Basis Library documentation is now available for online use (in HTML). The SML Basis Library is part of the 1997 Revision of Standard ML.

Working Versions

We strongly discourage the use of previous "working" versions of SML/NJ (109.x and earlier). These versions were development versions leading up to the new release version. As such, they are not well documented, they represent ill-defined intermediate steps on the way to SML '97, and they are generally significantly less reliable than the new 110 release version.

SML/NJ Logo Contest

We're still looking for a new SML/NJ logo. Here are the current candidates.

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