Franklyn Turbak (call me "Lyn")
Office: SCI E126 (x3049)
Email: fturbak asperand hillary-clinton-alma-mater dot edu
Office Hours: Mon 4–6pm, Tue 5–7pm, Wed 4:30–6:30pm, Thu 1–2:30pm (Note: I will sometimes need to reschedule office hours to attend talks/meetings.) Appointments can be made for other times.

Lectures: Tue/Fri 1:30--2:40pm in SCI 261. Please bring a laptop to lecture if you have one, since we will often do hands-on exercises in class.

Labs: You need to attend one of the following two weekly labs (both held in SCI 160a): Prereqs: CS230 & CS240 (if you haven't taken CS240, talk to me). CS242 is a plus, but not essential. You also need: Announcements, Q&A:

Jon Erickson
Hacking: The Art of Exploitation
(2nd edition, 2008)
Sean Smith and Jon Marchesini
The Craft of System Security

There are many other helpful books. papers, and online resources that you should consult. See the schedule and resources pages.