Computer Science and Physics Student


I'm Dagmawit Libanos Assefa. I am recent graduate(May 2020) of Wellesley College with dual degree in Computer Science and Physics.

In my free time, I enjoy reading books, swimming and kayaking.

Python 95%
HTML5 96%
Java 90%
C 90%
Django 70%
Machine learning 65%
Racket 99%
SML 90%



Working as a team by effective communication


Leading a team by managing resources, deligating tasks, and facilitating intra-team communication

Willingness to learn

I am very open and excited to learn new things.


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A Platform for Social Interaction

Zerply is a social interaction platform where users can sign-up, create profile, visit the profiles of other users and follow other people.

Zerply is written using Python programming language and Django framework.

Mentor: Patrick Ohemeng

Company: Asoriba Church Solutions

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Machine Learning Project

Predicting IMDb scores of Different Movies

In this project, I worked in a team of two to use Logistic Regression to predict the IMDb ratings of different movies. I analyzed the power of different featues in determinng a movie rating.

We paid attention to the difference of movies directed by women and men. We also analyzed the changes over time of the predictive powers of different featues.

Advisor: Brian Tjaden

Project partner: Isabel Bryant

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Minesweeper Game

Java Graphical User Interface Implemented

We built a game of Minesweeper using java programming language and data structure concepts as well as java graphical user interface.

Advisor: Taxis Metaxas

Team Partners: Delaney Ugelstad, Riley Rettig

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Artificial Intelligence

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Neutron Imaging Instrument

Designing imaging instruments that use neutron particle rays

In this project, I studied hyperbolic and ellipsoid confocal and axissymmetric wolter-1 mirrors. I studiesd a simulatiion of the interaction of imaging instruments with neutron particles.

I used McStassoftware along with C programming language. The component design is ultimately going to be part of the neutron imaging facility atthe National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

Mentor: Boris Khayakovich

Institution: MIT Nuclear Reaction Laboratory

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Lunar Laser Ranging

Measuring the Distance to the Moon

In this project, we made a computaional model of the solar system in order to accurately analyze the experimental data gathered using lunar laser ranging experiments.

Precise computational models of the solar system enhance our understanding of gravitational interactions by testing gravitational theories.

Project Leader: James Battat

Research Partner: Hope Anderson


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Pforzheimer Learning and Teaching Center

Physics and Computer Science Department Peer Tutor

I was trained accoriding to the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA) standards.

I work with 20 students per week on average in a group setting to help them solve homework problems and develop overall critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Departments: Physics, Computer Science

Institute: Wellesley College Pforzheimer Learning and Teaching Center

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Madeleine Korbel Albright Institute of Globa Affairs


I participated in a 3-week long intensive program in which we discussed globass issues and got the opportunity to listen from experienced speakers in different fields of work.

I worked in a team of 5 people to deliver a presentation, to Secretary Madeleine Albright among other distinguished visiting guests, under a tight schedule in a fast-paced environment. While creating this presentation, I worked to narrow the topic and structure the deliverable information as well as engage in problem solving to make a policy recommendation.

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Office Assistant

Slater International Center

I file, document ,digitalize and update important student and alumni immigration records. I also maintain the suitability of the house for student space by keeping the center tidy and providing snacks for student visitors. In addition, I help with events and presentations by preparing information packets and program materials as well as event set-up and clean-upI also assist the Slater International Center staff with general office duties, program and event preparation, and preparation for the International Student Pre-Orientation.

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Homework Grader

Physics Department, Mathematics Department, Computer Science Department

I regularly meet with professors to discuss their goals for the cources and exspectations from students work. I grade homeworks for classes of size 15 - 30 on a weekly basis. I discuss the results of homeworks and students understanding with professors.

Professors: Ann Trenk, Alexandra Miller, Helen Wang, Tracy McAskill, Cibele Freire, Brian Tjaden