Design Process and Artifacts


Storyboard Image 1

This scene in our storyboard depicts the application in it's native state. A collection of words related to themes in the museum's collection are arranged in the center of the screen. A user can grap these words, and move them into his or her space. Once the user has selected a word, related images from the collection populate around it.

Storyboard Image 2


A user can choose from a selection of tokens representing time period, art movement and medium to refine their search of the collection. Once a token is place on the surface, the words in the could with update to reflect the results of the search.

Storyboard Image 3

When a user selects a work to explore further, a prompt associated the each object will appear, g iving the he or she the ability to respond by annotating directly on the Surface. Once the user is finished responding, he or she can press a button to submit the response.

Storybaord Image 4

Once a user has submitted their response, he or she has the ability to review responses made by others.

Paper Prototype

This image of our paper prototype depicts the word cloud being sorted by time period.

This image depicts what happens when a word is separated from the word cloud.

This image depict what happens when a users selects a painting to explore further.

This image depicts the prompt that will emerge once the user has further selected a work, and the input field in which they can submit their response.


Once our group presented our paper prototype to the class, we received positive feedback that encourged us to move forward with our course of action.