Project assignment 5:

Testing another group's web site; Corrections and modifications.

Part 1. Testing another group's web site. Due Tuesday, May 7th at 6pm

Your goal is to test another group's web site from the point of view of a customer. Remember that applets work on Netscape on puma, but are not guaranteed to work anywhere else. They definitely don't work on Wellesley Macs, because Macs don't support Java 1.4.

To test the web site, you need to do at least the following:

  1. Test the web site as two different users, i.e. as your login name and as the project name (or test it once, then erase the browser's cache and delete all the cookies that came from birch, and then test it again as the same user).
  2. Go through all the site's pages, test search engines, shopping cart (adding and deleting products), order forms, etc.
  3. Test user's registration if there is one.
In your report you need to address the functionality of the web site (what works and what doesn't, include concrete examples for the latter), the convenience of the web site (was it easy to find a particular product, are the instructions for all the forms clear, etc.), and, optionally, the design (the style of pages, the graphics, etc.).

Write your report in a form of suggestions, not criticism.

The report should be sent by e-mail to the group and to me. You don't need to give me a printout.

Part 2. Corrections and modifications. Due Friday, May 10th at 1:30pm

Based on the test reports and your own testing, correct as much as you can of the things that need correcting on your web site.

Your final report should include:

  1. A list of changes since the last report.
  2. A list of known problems (ideally, with suggestions for corrections).
  3. A complete printout of all Java and HTML files of your web site (after all corrections).

Presentation: Friday, May 10th at 1:30pm

Presentations will be 15 minutes per group, including questions. You should focus on features of your web site from a programmer's point of view.

In your presentation you will give a quick tour of your web site (you don't need to show every detail, choose pages that you find the most interesting, especially if it's something that the other web sites don't have). As you are demonstrating the pages, please explain what's happening behind the scenes: the data is loaded from the database, the page gets generated by a servlet, a product selection is passed as a hidden parameter, and so on.

Somewhere in your presentation please mention things that you have learned while working on the project, things you would've done differently, tasks that you found the most challenging, and so on.

You can divide your presentation any way you like between the team members, but each team member must participate.

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