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While this syllabus is fairly complete, there may be some changes, especially in the second half of the course. Some problem sets are not yet included into the syllabus. All changes will be announced in lectures and posted on the conference CS349-S02 Announcements. They may or may not be immediately reflected on this web page. Please read the conference for information about changes in the syllabus.

General information

The course consists of two parts. The first part of the course gives an overview of e-commerce technology and introduces you to necessary tools to be able to work on the project. Lectures in the second part of the course go more in-depth into cryptography, which is the basis of secure electronic transactions, and give more details of some technologies associated with e-commerce (these lectures are marked "Selected topics in e-commerce" in the syllabus). The list of topics that I would like to cover includes (in no particular order): This list is not set in stone, your suggestions are very welcome!


Week 1.

Jan 29. (Tuesday)
Lecture 1. Introduction. Overview of the course. Elements of e-commerce technology. Case study: e-commerce web sites.
Problem set 0:fill in the online questionnaire. Due Wedn. Jan. 30, before 6pm.

Feb. 1 (Friday)
Lecture 2. Review of Java. Overview of threads, exceptions.
Problem set 1 posted. Due Feb. 12.

Week 2.

Feb. 5 (Tuesday)
Lecture 3.Threads (cont.), swing package.

Feb. 8 (Friday)
Lecture 4. Client/Server model, Internet protocols.
Project: Requests for project groups due.

Week 3.

Feb. 12 (Tuesday)
Lecture 5. Databases (overview). Relational databases.

Feb. 15 (Friday)
Lecture 6. Introduction to SQL
Problem set 2 posted. Due Feb. 22.
Problem set 1 due.
Project groups formed.
Project Assignment I (design of the web site and of the database) posted. Due Feb. 26.

Week 4.

Feb. 19 (Tuesday)

Feb. 22 (Friday)
Lecture 7.Introduction to SQL (cont.)

Week 5.

Feb. 26 (Tuesday)
Lecture 8.Overview of JDBC.
Problem set 2 due.
Project Assignment I due.
Project Assignment II (Java interface to a database) posted. Due March 12.

March 1 (Friday)
Lecture 9. Basics of Cryptography.

Week 6.

March 5 (Tuesday)
Lecture 10. Basics of Cryptography (cont.) Public key cryptography, RSA.
Problem set 3 posted. Due March 12th.

March 8 (Friday)
Lecture 11.Java servlets, introduction to TOMCAT. Cookies (overview).

Week 7.

March 12 (Tuesday)
Lecture 12.Implementation of cookies in Java. Shopping carts. Implementing shopping carts in Java.
Problem set 3 due.
Project assignment II due.
Project assignment III (implementing a shopping cart) posted. Due April 2.

March 15 (Friday)
Lecture 13.Digital signatures, authentication.


Week 8.

March 26 (Tuesday)
Lecture 14.Secure communication protocols.

March 29 (Friday)
Midterm exam

Week 9.

April 2 (Tuesday)
Lecture 15.Money on the internet: electronic payment systems.
Project assignment III due.
Project assignment IV (implementing a secure payment mechanism) posted. Due April 12th.

April 5 (Friday)
Lecture 16.Protocols for small-amount payments. Millicent protocols.

Week 10.

April 9 (Tuesday)
Lecture 17.Selected topics in e-commerce.

April 12 (Friday)
Lecture 18.Selected topics in e-commerce.
Project assignment IV due.
Project assignment V (testing another group's web site) posted. Due April 19th.

Week 11.

April 16 (Tuesday)
Lecture 19.Selected topics in e-commerce.

April 19 (Friday)
Lecture 20.Selected topics in e-commerce.
Project assignment V due.
Project assignment VI (modifications and preparing a final report) posted. Due April 30th.

Week 12.

April 23 (Tuesday)
Lecture 21.Selected topics in e-commerce.
Project: Presentation schedule finalized.

April 26 (Friday)
Lecture 22.Selected topics in e-commerce.

Week 13.

April 30 (Tuesday)
Lecture 23.Selected topics in e-commerce.
Project: Project assignment VI (final report) due.

May 3 (Friday)
Project presentations.

Week 14.

May 7 (Tuesday)
Project presentations, discussion. Review.
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