About me

Formal Bio

Eni Mustafaraj is an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Wellesley College. She joined Wellesley in 2008 initially as a visiting scholar and later as a Norma Wilentz Hess Fellow. Dr. Mustafaraj received her PhD in Computer Science (2007) from the Philipps University of Marbug in Germany. She is a native of Albania, a country that suffered extreme isolation under a communist, totalitarian regime from 1944-1991. Life in Albania made her experience first-hand the effects of misinformation, propaganda, and ideological brainwashing and she felt a victim of them for a long time. This is why since 2008, she has been studying how the Web platforms (Google, Twitter, and Facebook) can be manipulated by different actors to achieve such goals that damage our democracies. Her co-authored paper, From Obscurity to Prominence in Minutes: Political Speech and Real-Time Search", which won the Best Paper prize at the Web Science Conference in 2010, contains the first ever documented use of Twitter bots to attack a political candidate during an election. Joined by a group of Wellesley undergraduates in the Wellesley Cred Lab, she is currently studying signals that can be used to evaluate the credibility of online sources on the Web, and tools that will make these signals available to web users and increase their web literacy skills.