P2 Storyboards + Design Sketches


Scenario 1 - Wendy (the Overachiever):

Even with 400 pages of reading every week, Wendy is on top of her readings. She has a simple and organized schedule that she rigorously keeps to. Her classes meet either twice or once a week, and the reading assignment is only due on one of those days.

On Sunday night, Wendy checks all her readings using the Logoi app, and also double checks the due dates. Throughout the week, Wendy check off the readings as the week progresses and she finishes each assignment. Readings with a closer due date have priority, although sometimes she can’t resist reading ahead in a class that is really interesting for her. However, she always manages to get all her reading done in time, with excellent notes to go along with it, so that she is able to participate effectively in class.

While Wendy reads, she writes notes in her notebook. Then she opens up the Logoi up to talk about the overarching theme of the chapters she has read. This allows her to organize her thoughts, and practice what she is going to say the next day during class. Wendy had noticed that during class she is usually the one talking the most, and she assumes it’s because the others have trouble keeping up with the reading. Using the Logoi app, Wendy shares her reading notes with the class, which is a good way to help her classmates without acting like a know-it-all. Before class, Wendy listens to her recording that she took after her reading. This let’s her refresh her memory on what she wrote without having to go through the entire chapter again to read her margin notes.

Scenario 2 - Alex (the Middleachiever):

Yesterday Alex downloaded this sweet new app called “Logoi” after hearing some classmates talk about it. When Alex first opened the app, they were greeted by a “Welcome” screen, which took them through the process of creating a profile. They started by entering their name, class year, and then entering a list of classes that they were currently taking. Next Alex chose an avatar for their profile, a cool-looking sword that pointed towards the sky, and wallah! The profile was complete.

That night, Alex stayed up late reading for their Math 225 class (combinatorics and graph theory) and hasn’t finished it yet. They woke up early (7 am) to hopefully finish it; luckily they took a couple of notes on the reading before they fell asleep, but they don’t remember too much about it. Alex opens up the Logoi app to upload the notes, giving them another chance to look them over. First, they choose the class that they want to write notes for from their homepage, which has the user’s classes as indicated by their profile. Since Alex has already made their profile, they simply click on “Math 225” and they’re taken to a page with a list of dates that people have uploaded their own notes on. Tempted to just read what others have written about the reading, Alex reads one short summary by Logan before clicking on the “add note” button.

After inputting the notes from last night, Alex returns to their math book to keep reading. However, Alex is really having a hard time focusing on what they’re reading due to their ADHD, so they choose the option to upload notes on a page-by-page basis. This gives Alex a short break from reading at the end of the page, and helps them stay focused in the long run. Now every time Alex finishes a page, they write a brief summary on what they’ve read.

Still, this reading is tough! In order to try and make sense of all of these numbers and equations, Alex decides to sketch graphs of the equations into their notes, so that they can reflect on the shape of the curves and the variables’ relationship to one-another. After checking their watch, Alex realizes they only have ten minutes until class starts! They grab their phone leave their room as they head for the science center. On the way there, Alex checks over their notes one more time in the summary tab, so that they can look at each of the individual notes they took. Taking their seat right as the clock hits 8:30, Alex puts their phone away to begin class.

Scenario 3 - Taylor (the Undereachiever):

Monday afternoon: Philosophy class just finished up and Taylor knows there’s a reading for Thursday’s class, but she isn’t going to even look at it right now because she has a few days to do it. She thinks she should relax after that strenuous afternoon class, so she heads back to her room and settles in for an afternoon of tv. She isn’t worried about not doing the reading because she has plenty of time to crack open her books. She also just downloaded the new Logoi app, so she can start getting a bit more motivated in her studies.

Wednesday evening: Class is tomorrow, and Taylor still hasn’t done the reading. But there’s nothing to worry about. Taylor is beyond certain that there were just a few pages of reading, no more than ten, and besides, she finds the material pretty interesting too, so once she actually starts, she’ll be able to speed through it. Her phone buzzes, and she sees Logoi’s notification telling her that there’s a reading due tomorrow. She swipes it aside and decides to go into the Ville to grab something to eat and wander around. Immanuel Kant can wait.

Late Thursday morning: Kant can’t wait. Taylor swore there was only a few pages of reading, but now that she’s finally looked at the assignment, she realizes that there’s close to thirty pages of reading, and it’s double-sided. The paper is a dry translation of Kant’s original argument regarding the categorical imperative, and the sentences just don’t make sense. Even worse, there are just walls of text and no pictures to break up the monotony. Class is in half an hour and she isn’t even out of her pajamas yet. She quickly gets ready, throwing her untouched books into her backpack and grabbing her phone from her desk. She opens Logoi as she runs to class, thankful that a few people from class posted some summaries on the reading. She keeps her head low and walks into class sitting down, reading the last of her peer’s summaries. She doesn’t know the details, but she has a good idea of Kant’s argument and can at least follow the class’s discussion for the day. She makes a mental note to definitely do the reading next time.

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