Lucie X. Randall

Visual + Conceptual + Experience Designer

About me

I am passionate about design – how products look, make us feel, and improve the way we live. I strive to give my designs purpose and meaning, as well as connect ideas to a larger picture. Ultimately, I aspire to create products that empower people to make the world a better place. My academic and work experiences span programming, tech support, user interface design, graphic design, psychology, internet theory, marketing, and entrepreneurship. Running through these varied experiences are common threads: a desire to understand people, solve problems, and create products and experiences that are meaningful and impactful. A senior at Wellesley College, I intend to pursue a career in user experience, focusing in visual and interaction design.


Let's do Lunch

html css js logo

A social networking app that helps Wellesley students meet new people on campus, outside their established friend groups and majors. Developing with Lucy Cheng and Jordan Sessa for cs220 HCI.


Adobe PhoneGap logo Sketch 3 logo

A daily photojournal app with a unique value proposition.

scene 1

17 Dragonflies

Adobe Flash logo

An interactive art piece inspired by the project theme "surprise".

Noble Voices cover

Noble Voices

InDesign logo

A robust call-in voice recognition system for creating and signing petitions. 30-page final deliverable independently compiled and designed by me for print.

Robogals Facebook Cover Photo

InDesign logo Photoshop logo

Created to advertise an informational open meeting to potential new members.

business card 1

Asian Loft Business Cards

Photoshop logo

Designed to showcase the breadth of products in their collection beyond Asian furniture.

scene 1


Arduino logo

An interactive dance floor that records your movement with pressure sensors, then plays back the routine with LED lights. Technical diagram created with InDesign logo.

scene 1

Tangible Stories

Multitaction logo

A digital storytelling experience for elementary classrooms that engages children by allowing them to interact with dynamic elements in the classic book If You Give A Mouse A Cookie.

Showroom Product Photography

my camera

Displays independently staged and photographed at Asian Loft in High Point, NC. Used for marketing and eCommerce.