Wellesley College CS115/PHYS155 Wintersession 1999


Fetch is a program that allows you to connect from a Mac to a file servers (such as Nike) via the File Transfer Protocol (FTP).

When you launch Fetch, you will be presented with a dialog window with various fields to fill in. You should fill them in as follows:

Selecting OK will open up a Fetch window connected you to your home directory.

Downloading Files

To copy a file or directory from Nike to your local computer, select the file or directory icon in the Fetch window, drag it to the desktop or local folder, and drop it. You may also use the Get button to download files.

Uploading Files

To copy a file or directory from your local computer to Nike, drag-and-drop the file/folder from the desktop to the Fetch window. You may also use the Put button to upload files.

Deleting Files

To delete a file or directory from Nike, drag the file/folder into the trash can on your desktop.

Navigating The Directory Hierarchy

By default, the Fetch window is connected to your home directory. You can navigate to subdirectories by double-clicking on the names of the subdirectories within the Fetch window. You can navigate to a parent directory by selecting the directory name in the menu that appears above the listing of files in the current directory.