Welcome to Our Project!

The following robot was designed, programmed, constructed and loved by Jess Charlap '02 and Ashleigh Maclise '01. The following story is true........

As you can probably tell, our project involves dogs. Actually, it involves one very special dog named TRIX. Though we had originally planned to have multiple dogs, each doing something different, we decided to just make TRIX do many different things. But, what is so great about TRIX, and many other project made during this class, is that he interacts with the observer. In fact, TRIX performs three different functions, using four sensors.


Touch (Back)

Wag Tail


Lift Paw


Walk Forward

Touch (Tounge)

Stop Walking

When a person approaches TRIX, he will lift up his right paw. He will hold it there until the person leaves. If someone pats him on his back, he will wag his tail back and forth six times. We also made a bone for TRIX. In the bone is a magnet. If you wave the bone in front of him, the magne sensor in his nose will cause his to start moving forward by way of the "LEGO Walker" inside. If he is then given the bone (i.e. it touches his "tongue") then TRIX will stop.

We ran into some challeneges as we went though the building process. At one point, we found out that we had a currupt cricket which was destroying a prefectly good code. Then, when he was totally constructed, one of the wires in the magnet sensor broke and he had to be completely ripped apart! But all in all he turned out really nicely. Other than being a little confused by the lighting in the Sage Lounge and a few too many pets and tugs from kids, he performed nicely. If you would like to see some pictures of TRIX during the building process, click here!