By Delaney M. Andersen

Part of the Wellesley Wintersession 2000 Robotics Studio


Questions I'm sure you want the answers to...

Why a chicken?

Because who wouldn't want a chicken? Plus, someone handed me an awful lot of Legos. It just seemed logical.

What's she made of?

Mostly Legos, with a little bit of felt and foam board. Also, she has four motors that perform various functions, and three sensors help him know what's going on.

And does she DO anything?

Of course! She is the answer to the age old question, "why did the chicken cross the road"! This chicken can tell when she comes to "the road" (as pictured), looks both ways before crossing (saftey first), crosses the road and once she is safely on the other side, she is ready to lay eggs. But, the chicken's pretty darn smart, so she wont lay her eggs until someone puts their hand out underneath her tail to catch them. When someone does, she flaps her wings and lays delicious peanut M&M's...

How'd she do that?

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