by Annie Openshaw, Shana Wang, Martha Cheng



Star Dragon: Legends say it's the rarest of all the dragons, appearing only once every twelve years during the Year of the Dragon. One deliriously late night on Wellesley College campus, we saw a flash of purple and gold coming out of the third floor of the Science Center. Wandering around on the third floor, something propelled us to investigate Room 396, where strange things have been known to happen. We turned on the lights and made our way through a cloud of smoke. We touched Star's snout, and he moved forward, spreading majestic gold wings. He then opened his mouth and blew smoke at us. As we stood back, he folded his wings and retreated. We tried to pet him, and when we touched his ears, his eyes turned in the direction that we touched him. Our observations of Star Dragon are documented here...


Photo Album
Star's New Home