"Slow but steady wins the race" according to the Greek storyteller, Aesop in his well known fable,

Our group, Catalina Millan Caceres, Jessica E. Pierog, and myself, Mari Edwards, combined our diverse skills to create a robotic model of this ancient fable. Our original robotic visions included animated fairytales complete with catapulting princes, carnival scenes alive with spinning Ferris wheels, and robotic massage devices that cooed in soft voices as they caressed tired feet. All of these ideas had enormous potential, but one snowy Monday morning the muse of Robotics, let’s call her Legonia, came to us in the messy science lab and whispered, “Slow but steady wins the race.” From there each member found her niche. Catalina’s code writing ability was poetic, Jessica’s dexterity with LEGOS helped Catalina to create structures just this side of the Palace of Versailles, and modesty does not allow me to enumerate my assets here, but will say my role often veered to the artistic / creative end of the project.


On this site you will find a modern re-telling of the fable, images of the robots in various stages of development, text explaining the creative process of the turtle and the rabbit, the code behind the scenes, and of course, pictures of our team.


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Created by Mari Edwards and Catalina Millan Caceres
Created on: January 2001
Last Modified: January 2001