Day 1

We attempted to put our plan into action by creating "point plates" which would be secured by a wall of legos. This is a sample of the point plate:

The front of the point plate is created from 1x 8 plates. Connected to the center of this point plate is a spring secured by legos and axles.

This plate is meant to fit in a cage we built into the wall, as seen here:

Next, we built a wall of legos around these point plates. However, we discovered that if the point plates were hit, they would flip, and slip behind the wall. They would be trapped there, and would not return to their original position. This is what the project looked like when we were having this problem:

We attempted to remedy this problem in two ways:

First, we built a "tunnel" around both sides of the point plate.

Unfortunately the plate, when moved back, got stuck because the sides of the face plate scraped against the tunnel.

Next, we tried to brace both sides of the face plate like this:

This did not work, either. The face plate, when pushed in, would be trapped in the space between the wall and the brace.

Another issue we broached today was what we wanted to occur after each point was scored. Our ideas included signs that read "good job" or "nice shot", a pinwheel that spins, a lego man that approaches the audience on a bicycle, a series of flashing lights, and a song. One idea we are relatively sure about, is that when someone wins the game, a car will deliver to them a piece of candy.