Day 5 / Day 6

Today (day 5) we compiled all the parts of our project into a functioning game!

In order to accomplish this, we undertook a number of seemingly minor, yet important tasks. First, we had to further brace our lego wall. We took dimensions, and discussed different possible cardboard support structures. We decided to build a "garage" for the cars, and rest the game board on top. Also, we will build a cardboard bracing for behind the wall. Second, we worked out all the kinks in the score keeper. We then hot-glued the reflectance sensors to the score keeper, making sure they were positioned correctly to determine when the candy box passed over them.

With this complete, we were able to finalize the code for the game.

After downloading the program into our handyboard, we assembled the game by plugging sensors, switches, and motors into their respective ports.

With the pure mechanics and programming complete, we were free to beautify the game with our artistic talents. After making signs for the cars, we settled on a Harry Potter theme; the targets sporting drawings of "bad guys" in the tale, and the sign-wielding cars driven by the story's protagonists. Following this theme, we decided to make the board into a castle.

Our efforts paid off as we complete our game!