Our main project idea changed many times while we were working. One of our last few ideas was to make a carnival game similar to "whack-a-mole", a game where the player clobbers a mole that pops out at him/her. In this case, animals with light sensors would spring up. If you passed your hand over them quickly enough, they would be "hit" and you would score points. Deciding that it would be very difficult to make a robust enough structure, we then scaled back our ideas, settling on a jack-in-the-box instead. However, we thought that idea was too simple, and in the end, we chose to make a gameboard.


Our original plans:

1. A "wall" with movable squares which the players would aim for. If one of the squares was hit, it would move backward and press a switch.
2. A scorer; when the switch was hit, points would be added to the total score.
3. A lego car which would offer the player a piece of candy after a certain number of points had been accumulated.
4. A group of signs which would rotate, displaying different signs, depending on which point plate you hit.