Wellesley College CS115/PHYS155


Winsock-FTP (WSFTP for short) is an application that allows you to connect from a PC to a file servers (such as Nike) via the File Transfer Protocol (FTP). You can use it to move files from your PC into your fileserver accout (uploading) or move files from your fileserver account into your PC (downloading). WSFTP allows you connect to your directory file server (such as Nike or Sallie) with your username and password, and then move files between your PC and the server.

Confusingly, there are two versions of FTP installed on the PCs in SCI 396. You want WS-FTP version 4.12, which has the bluish icon, not the older version, which has the redish icon. You can start WS-FTP via:


You will be prompted with a fill-in-the-blank window that allows you to specify the server name, your user name, your password, etc. Fill in the right details. You will then be given a window with two frames: the left frame represents files on your machine, while the right frame represents files on the server. There are means of navigating to particular directories on either side and specifying which files should be moved. For details, browse the CWIS WS-FTP documentation or ask Robbie, Lyn, or a knoweldgeable classmate.