The BANKbot deposits your coin(s) by flipping them into a "bank" (i.e. any large open container suspended in the air). How does this work?

First, deposit your coin(s) into the pink container.

This container is attached directly to a motor (far left) by an axle. When the motor is activated, the axle causes the container to flip forward, releasing the coin into the container that is hung parallel to the BANKbot (not shown). It took a few tries to get the programming just right for this part, because the length of time had to be just right for the coin to be flipped, and then for the container to return to its original position for the descent.

Here is a picture of the BANKbot right after releasing a coin. This is triggered by depressing one of the switches on the top of the BANKbot. In this photo, I simply pressed a switch with my finger, but the design is intended to allow for a ceiling to trigger the flipping mechanism.