Does this sound familiar?


You're enjoying a quiet moment alone in the loo...

...some inconsiderate cohabitant did not replace the roll!

And there's no other rolls in sight!

What a predicament! What on earth can you do?


Well, this happens to all of us...It's certainly nothing to be ashamed of! How it is still possible for "1,472 people per day" to be "caught on the can without carta igienica" in a world with "a wealth of technical innovations designed to maximize human convenience...

Clearly, it is within our power as a society to end emergencies once and for all: Concetta will do just that.

So, next time you're stranded on the porcelain island-What should you do?

Simply press the panic button:

The butt-saving Barbie will be there for you: She'll get you out of deep doo-doo!

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