Clifford goes to Treasure Island

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This first row of images are early versions of Clifford. We tried a long, three-wheeled version. The piston is what the brush was eventually attached to, to sweep away the sand and reveal the treasure chest. The right and left wheels are independent, like in the final version of Clifford.


These are images of the next version of Clifford. Only the rear wheels are connected to the motors, unlike the final version of Clifford.


Here, you can see Clifford playing in his small sand box. The last image is of the gear train in this version. Our final gear train was a slight modification of this, just with an extra 8 to 24 tooth gear down for each wheel. As you can see, all four wheels are connected to motors. In the top right corner of the fourth image, you can see one of the magnet sensors that Clifford uses to find treasure.


These are images of the final version of Clifford. He had some problems running in his new, large sand box. Jeanna is working with him in the first image while Karen looks on. Stephanie assists in the fifth image. The seventh image shows the Handy Board, the computer that Clifford runs on.