Wellesley College CS115/PHYS115 Wintersession 2007

Robotic Design Studio 2007

Welcome to the home page for the Wintersession '07 Robotic Design Studio course! This page is for information specific to the Wintersession '07 version of the course. For more general information about the course, see the main Robotic Design Studio page.

Robotic Design Studio Museum An on-line gallery of past student projects.

Course handouts Electronic versions of all the course handouts that students receive during the class, along with some articles that are not handout out in class.

Robotic Design Studio Exhibition Details about the end-of-course exhibition.

Pictures from this year's class (Wellesley only)

On-Line Documentation Helpful documentation for tools used in the course.

Robot Resources Robot links, sites, etc.

SciBorg Overview and construction plans for SciBorg, a pedagogical robot used in the course.

Questionnaire The questionnaire filled out by students interested in taking the course.

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