P1: Analysis

User Analysis

Task Analysis

  1. Know Dietary Constraints: Whether the user has food allergies, religious or other dietary constraints it is important for them to know what food is going to be served and if there are going to be any options for them to eat. This is normally a large deciding factor when the user chooses a place to eat depending their individual needs.
  2. Share Dining Experience: Users wish that they had known if a food was bad or not worth eating, or on the other extreme is amazing and they have to try it. Currently the only ways for a user to find out is a food is good or not is from their experience of tasting the item or by asking a friend about the dish. Unfortunately friends are not always available of present in the dining hall to supply the user with a food review or recommendation. Users seemed to stress how this would be a useful information to have while dining and also to supply AVI Fresh with comments about their service.
  3. Find out Where Friends are: Interacting with friends while eating a meal is a wonderful way for Wellesley Students to break-up their busy days. However texting and coordinating with friends can be time consuming or inconvenient. By incorporating an easier way to find one’s friends in the dining halls hopefully more students will be happy and relaxed as they go about the rest of their days’ activities.
  4. Check Food Choices and Location Options: Users do not always tend to check menus of hours until they are disappointed by the dishes available or have missed a meal and do not know where to go that has food now other than cereal. In these cases users go and check Wellesley AVI Fresh’s menu and hours of operation pages. Users have expressed these pages to be cumbersome, having to click on different dining halls to see their menus. Some users also mentioned that menus are not always accurate and that they had wished they had known about the food change before going to that dining location.
  5. Assesses Which Dining Hall is Closest: many users admitted to being lazy, wanting to go to the most convenient location to eat, the closest one. Usually the users did this due to the weather conditions or where their next appointment or dorm room is. However these users tended to express that these decisions were made at the cost of foods that they wanted to eat and that sometimes it is hard to decide where to go if two dining halls are about equidistant between where they are currently and where they need to be later.

Domain Analysis