P2: Storyboards and Design Sketches


Scenario 1

Donna has gotten out of class in the academic quad 5 minutes early, and is starting to get hungry. She checks her phone and sees that TasteBuds has given her a notification that Bates would be the best place to eat based on the preferences she inputted when she started using the app. She is a picky eater and finds the dining hall suggestions feature extremely helpful, and has turned on push notifications to receive dining hall suggestions 10 minutes before the end of her class. Donna heads over to Bates and sits down with her food. She snaps a picture of her favorite quesadillas and posts it on TasteBuds, and decides to share her post to Facebook as well.

Scenario 2

Elena has just gotten out of class in the science center and is trying to decide where to eat quickly, before the dining halls get crowded. She has class later in the afternoon, so she wants to eat somewhere close by. She also wants to get in contact with her friends and see where they’d like to eat. Elena opens up TasteBuds and sees that her friend Donna has checked into Bates a few minutes ago, which is close to the science center where her next class is. She goes to the messaging page and messages Donna, “Can I join you for lunch?” A few seconds later, Elena’s phone buzzes with a new message notification from Donna inviting her to eat with her, and she heads over to Bates.

Scenario 3

Caroline is planning a dinner meeting with two fellow e-board members, Kate and Nicole, of a club that she’s in. They want to find a place that’s not too loud and has private spaces so they can discuss the upcoming event they are planning. She opens up TasteBuds and checks each dining hall building for spaces that they could use. Caroline creates a Buds group on TasteBuds for suggestions based on everyone’s dietary restrictions and preferences. She sees that Bates is ranked last because Nicole has a seafood allergy, and Bates is serving seafood. She sends a message to the group, Nicole and Kate confirm that this meeting works for them. They meet later at the LuLu, eat dinner, chat and get a lot of work done. The dinner meeting was a success!

Scenario 4

Helen is a first year who is unfamiliar with the dining halls. She has just downloaded the TasteBuds app and set her preferences last night. She’s a vegetarian and somewhat of a picky eater. Today for lunch, she wants to find what dining halls are closest, and sees that Tower dining hall is the closest. Helen doesn’t remember how to get there, so she clicks the map feature and follows her phone’s GPS to walk to Tower.

Interface Designs

A: The practical approach
Main Page Menus Page Messages Page Buds Page Reviews Page
- Newsfeed with up/down scrolling
- Check in, Post Status, Share Photo
- Top: User's recommended dining hall
- Buttons list of dining halls
- Hours, Nearby buttons
- List format
- Dot indicates unread messages
- New Message, Group buttons
- List of friends with up/down scrolling
- Locations, Requests, Search buttons
- Buttons list of dining halls
- Top Rated Today, Top Rated All Time buttons

B: The minimalist design
Main Page Messages Page Buds Page Reviews Page
- Top: Newsfeed banner (sticky, left/right scroll)
- Middle: Dining hall selection (drop down menu)
- Bottom: Menu list
- Icon view
- Dot indicates unread messages
- Map of Campus
- Shows user, friends' check ins, dining halls as points
- Search bar to find friends
- List of dining halls: previews of reviews. star ratings
- Drop down menu sorting: Top Rated Today, Top Rated All Time


Storyboard One

Storyboard Two