P4: Computer Prototypes

Below are screenshots of our main pages:

Home Pages
Menus Page
Messages Pages
Buds Page
Reviews Page
Settings Page

Notes on version 1: For this version we attempted to create a broad but shallow implementation of our application’s interface. The feature we decided to really work on and flesh out is our new message function where users can write and send messages to their buds to create a meeting for a meal. Currently there are two minor issues, the data-picker and the submit button, that leads to an confirmation popup, do not work unless the page is refreshed first. We also went into a little more depth in the write a review feature as it shares some characteristics with sending a new message. The “Add Photo” popup also does not currently work.

A summary of our progress based organized by main feature of the application:
1. The home page with the “Budfeed” is not yet updatable, the check in feature works except it does not yet update the “Budfeed”, the share photos form works but it’s photo selectors are not linked yet and its submit button does not open a popup yet, all the features in settings are present but the buttons are not linked.
2. In our second main page, menus, the hours popup works, the nearby feature has not been implemented yet and was not a part of our P3 prototype, the dining hall menus all work except for the miscellaneous dining locations and although menus are shown our application does not yet access the real dining menus and they have been hard coded and are currently all identical to the Lulu.
3. In the third main page, messages, we have populated the page but one cannot read the messages yet and the drafts feature, which was not a part of the P3 prototype, was not implemented, however the new messages feature was implemented in depth.
4. The Buds page has search implemented as well as a number of friends hardcoded into the application, the alphabetical scroll on the right-side of the screen does not currently work and overlaps with the search bar, neither the locations nor the requests features have been implemented.
5. Finally our fifth main page is reviews. We created the list of dining hall buttons that will lead to each dining hall’s reviews but have not yet created the pages these buttons will link to, we also have not yet implemented the top today or all time features both of which were not a part of P3, we have mostly implemented the write a review feature as another more in-depth feature of our application.