P3: Functional Prototype, Project Presentation and documentation

The goal of this project milestone is to implement, present, and document a functional prototype of your project. By 12/12 your prototype should be complete in the sense that you are ready to demonstrate the tasks you discussed in your conceptual design. When possible, user interactions should be live, not canned responses.

On 11/21 in class present a project plan to the instructor. Your team project plan should consist on tasks, target dates, and required resources. Add a url to you project plan to the submission doc before class.

On 11/28 in class, your team will briefly present a progress report to the class. Describing and demonstrating what you have accomplished since the proof-of-concept presentation.

Part A: Presentation and demonstration

On 12/12, your team will present your project to the class and to guests in an open house. The open house session will include a series of 2-minute overview presentations followed by poster and demo presentations.

Your task is to prepare the following:

  • Two-minute overview presentation, which consists of two Google Slides. One of your slides can contain a brief (up to 30 seconds) video of your project. You should cover the following information: what is the goal of the system? what problems it addresses? who are the intended users of this system and what are the main tasks they can accomplish by using it? What is inovative/new about your idea?
  • Poster (24 x 36 inches), which contains the following information: project name and team members, problem statement, design process artifacts (sketches, imaages of early prototypes), technical implementation, and ideas for future work. Here is an old but relevant guide for creating good technical posters. Be prepared to give a one minute talk about your poster and to answer questions.
  • Live demo should accompany the poster presentation. Your demo should show how the system can be used to complete the tasks you discussed in your problem statement.

All team members should actively participate in the presentation.

A url to your Google Slides and to a digital (pdf) copy of your poster should be uploaded to Google Doc and shared with the course Google group by 12/12 at 11:30 am.

Make sure to print your poster prior to class. Here you can find instructions on how to print your poster. Note that you will need to reserve a 30-minute time slot in advance.

Document the development process (and especially your part) in your blog - use sketches, images, and when relevant code snippets.

Part B: Documentation

By 12/18 you should add to the submission google doc a link of a website that document your project. In addition you should share a documented version of your source code (through GitHub). You should also complete and update your personal blog.

The project website should include the name of your project, the names of all team memeber as well as cover all the materials that were discussed in your final presentation:

  • Problem statement
  • Conceptual design
  • Design process and artifacts
  • Functional prototype: show a video clip that demonstrates your functional prototype.

Your personal blog should be updated with details about the design and implementation of your project. You should elaborate on your part in the design and implementation of your project. You are also encourage to reflect back on the ideas and concepts we discussed in this course.


Design downloaded from Zeroweb.org: Free website templates, layouts, and tools.