Project brief: Music

Music is a form of expression that uses sound as its medium. Both the creation and the enjoyment of music are important parts of the human experience. Music communicates emotions and feelings that are too complicated to express with words.

Tangible interaction allow us to have complex interactions with the world and to design systems with non-traditional inputs. It encourages the experimentation with and exploration of different inputs in meaningful ways. It allows us to augment our existing interactions with the world and create new ones. Your task is to explore the possibilities of tangible interaction within the domain of music making.

Develop a system that creates a meaningful musical experience for the user. The input can be anything, from user actions, to physical objects, to information about the environment or from the web. The input could have a direct mapping to the sound the system produces, such as the arrangement of certain objects specifying a specific melody, or the mapping could be more indirect, such the presence of certain objects resulting in predesigned sounds, such as in this system. Or perhaps your system could give the user the means to explore the physical world in new ways, such as this system that converts physical texture to sound. Another way could be to augment traditional processes of making music and create a new experience, such as with this system.

Design inspiration:
• What are ways to represent music physically or visually?
• What are novel ways to create sound? What does X sound like (where X is anything)? Don’t limit your input- consider objects, gestures, and information as inputs for sound.
• What is the purpose of your music making device- for expression? For learning? To encourage collaboration? To simulate actual music making?
• What are the different aspects of music you want the user to have control over and how do they control it- how does a user create a melody? How is the volume, tempo, texture of the sound determined?
• How can you incorporate new elements into music making- the environment? Other people? Ambient information? Data?


Design downloaded from Free website templates, layouts, and tools.