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CS112 Computation for the Sciences is an introductory programming class based on MATLAB, in which students learn valuable tools for using computers effectively in scientific work, including the natural and physical sciences, biological sciences, medicine, mathematics, psychology and economics. See these great student projects and read more about the curriculum in this JCSC article. Next offered in the Spring, 2014.

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CS332 Visual Processing in Computer and Biological Vision Systems explores how information about the three-dimensional world can be derived from the changing two-dimensional image that is sensed by the eye or by a digital camera. Students learn how ideas from computer vision, perceptual psychology and visual neuroscience contribute to the design of effective machine vision systems and the understanding of human visual processing. Topics include edge detection, stereopsis, motion analysis, shape from shading, color, object and face recognition, and image processing applications in areas such as medicine, security, robotics, and the design of intelligent vehicles. Offered in the Fall, 2013.

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I sometimes teach CS110 Computers and the Internet, a broad introductory course in which students learn how to develop web pages using HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and also learn about the digital representation of information, and social, legal and ethical implications of the digital revolution.

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